Examples of Healthy Home Cooking


Preparing food at home can be both fun and economical – especially if you are used to eating out or only ordering take-out!

After a long day of working, running errands, and completing my workout, I often prepare a light dinner. I enjoy pairing it with   sparkling water and a  touch of cranberry juice to make it more flavorful.

My favorite preparation is steamed vegetables, edamame, and some Swedish crisp bread. The veggies could be anything from broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans,zucchini and/or snap peas. Anything goes! As long as you make sure you don’t put in the brussels sprouts together with the snap peas since the former will be too undercooked if you let the snap peas drive and vice versa. Just make sure you time the cooking of the vegetables right. For example, things like snap peas cook faster than brussels sprouts.

You can buy shelled edamame and just sprinkle them on top of the veggies which will  add some nice protein to your nutritious meal.

The Swedish crisp bread is my favorite kind of carb. They are low in calories and high in fiber so you can splurge on them all day as snacks. I like to put sliced avocado, sliced tomato, turkey breast, or gruyere cheese on them for a savory meal, and jam for a sweet one.

This dinner, though  less than 500 kcal, gives you the nutrients you need and keeps you full until morning without impacting your sleep negatively (unlike heavy meals do!).


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