Review of Cafe SFA


Those who know me well know that I adore Saks Fifth Avenue, partly due to my fashionista mother. During my childhood I often frequented Saks with her and always walked around dazzled by the beautiful clothes, cosmetics, and more. And while every shopping experience at Saks is great, the only way to make one better is to enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by the classic black & white shopping bags.

I used to frequent the cafe on the 5th floor quite often, and was an avid fan of their Nutella flatbread dish but the other day I had a chance of sitting down to a meal with my best friend at the new cafe on the 8th floor. As usual I started my order with a cup of tea, knowing that an establishment like Saks wasn’t going to bring me a bag of Lipton or Tazo (i’m a bit of a tea snob admittedly, and love a good loose leaf tea). The tea was divine and certainly did not disappoint.

My first dish for the morning was the Crab Cake. I’ve tried several here and there and in all honesty I quite liked the one at Saks, the lobster wasn’t dry like some other places, and the added flavor of the romesco sauce complemented the fresh lobster quite well. The proportion was a decent size, not tiny like some other places I have been to. I followed up my Crab Cake with an order of the Chicken Mandarin salad. I have recently started training myself to eat more salads and this one was a great choice. The chicken added a little hardiness to the salad and the citrus of the mandarin supremes was a nice touch. Aside from that there was nothing too special about the salad and I am eager to try something else, however it did satisfy and to me still remains the most appealing of the salad options on the menu.

Until next time Saks!


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